A downloadable game

Due to a recent loss, a lonely child ventures through a bright yet melancholic neon city. Using their newfound command over air, fire, earth and water, they must solve numerous puzzles and delve deeper into the world. By the end of their journey, the child learns to move on from their grief and finds acceptance.

Team Intertwined

  • Monica Dunne - Character Modeller + Asset Animator + Level Designer
  • Jessica Turner (me) - Programmer + Puzzle Designer + Level Designer
  • Pritika Sachdev - Environment Modeller + Texture Artist + Level Designer
  • Lale Yuksel - Digital Artist + Texture Artist + 2D Animator
  • Thomas Callahan - Programmer + Sound Designer


  • Amarante- Lucid, Breathe In, The Manic, The Wanderer, The Addict, One Last Time (Permission was granted while developing the game.)
  • Alex Hernandez - 77691 Joelaudio Sfx - Magic - Fireball - 001
  • Freesound.org - garotasimpatica: heart.wav, MWLANDI: Pumpkin Guts 6.aif, bspiller5: Fire Breath.wav