Mushroom Racer was designed back in 2013 for my Game Design degree. We had to create a series of small games for Digital Interactive Media, and this was something I designed within a week following a Racing Car game tutorial. 

Since it was designed before Unity 5, it used a completely different UI system which broke when I upgraded the project to Unity 2019. So, the UI was redone this year.

The Idea

Racer is a top-down 2Dish racer. Player plays against the computer and the first to reach 3 laps wins. Player can use pickups to stop the other racer’s progress. The player plays as Briar Tomestone, a young driver in Toadstool Kingdom. She must defeat her rival, the prince Ted Toadstool to gain a position in the upcoming Toadstool grand prix. The theme is forest, so the tracks are very grassy, with a fair few trees. The overall visual style is cartoony and bright. 


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