A downloadable game

Monster Game was designed back in 2016 for my Computer Science Degree. We had to select a project from a design brief in Software Engineering Fundamentals. The project we chose was to make a multiplayer version of Monster Game.

Monster Game is a game for 2 - 4 players. Each player starts off in one of the four corners. The monster, who starts off in the middle, will chase the closest player. The aim is to be the last player standing, by outrunning the monster and trapping other players so the monster will kill them.

The Team

  • Bob Zhou
  • Hayden Warmington
  • Jessica Turner (me)
  • Morgan Higginbotham


monsterclient.jar 217 kB

Install instructions

The host must have two instances of monsterclient running, one to act as the server and the other to connect as a client.

  1. Have Java SE Runtime Environment installed.
  2. Navigate to directory in command prompt/ terminal.
  3. Run the game with: java -jar monsterclient.jar 2>> log.txt
  4. The log will contain the IP address used for the other players to connect to.

Click on one of the corners to choose your astronauts position.