A downloadable game for Windows

Area 7 Sector 11 was designed back in 2012 for my Bachelor of Design (Games) for Games Studio. It was built upon the Unity 3D Lerpz Platformer tutorial and my first attempt at making something in Unity.

The idea

Long ago a mysterious fog appeared on the surface of Alpha 7 Sector 11. The inhabitants thought nothing of it but slowly one by one they disappeared. The Fog that had invaded their planet was consuming the people and using their trapped souls to help it capture more people. Soon it had consumed everything including the animals but it was still hungry. Slurpz fleeing the Coppers crashlands on Alpha 7 Sector 11 after his ship had some malfunctions. Slurpz must now avoid the Fog and
its minions to find a working ship to escape.

The Team/ Roles

  • Monica Dunne - Modelling/ Animation
  • Rebecca Shuttleworth - Texturing
  • Jessica Turner (me) - Modelling/ Animation/ Programming/ Level Design
  • Arie Huybregts - Programming
  • Dylan Curtis - Level Design/ Terrain



Area 7 Sector 11 Game.zip 47 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip, run the exe. It's been tested on Windows 10 patch verion 1909.